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Judging is blind. Do not include your name or the name of your school in the proposal. You can refer to the level, and if the description of your project makes the school obvious, don’t worry about it.

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Section 1: Overview

Grant Title:
Has this project been awarded funding in previous grants? Yes   No
Does this grant target improving Literacy? Yes   No
Does this grant target improving STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math)? Yes   No
Does this grant target Low Performing (Intensive) or ESE students? Yes   No
Number of Targeted Students Effected by the Grant:

Describe your target population:
   Achievement Level(s):    
   Grade Level(s):    
   Subjects Effected:    

Amount of Funds Requested (Grants are typically $500):


Section 2: Project & Purpose

Project Title:

Project Summary:
(Describe your project and outcomes to be measured as it relates to the academic achievement of low performing students, literacy, or STEM initiatives...Think: If in an elevator with a community partner that funds grants, what would I say about this project and its potential impact?)

Project Needs:
(Provide Data-based information and show why improvement is needed. What is your base-line data for the targeted students?)

Project Goal(s):
(Tie main ideas to the goals and objectives. Examples: Number or percentage of project participants who improved in a standardized reading skills test(s). Number of project participants who show increased interest in pursuing STEM career. GOALS must target priority areas: STEM, Literacy, Low Performing Students OR be aligned to Florida Standards. )

Project Activities and Timeline:
(Detail your timeline from project start to completion. Include all pertinent milestones.)

Section 3: Budget

Project Budget:
(List each item that will be purchased, provide an accurate total)

Section 4: Evaluation

Explain how the project will be evaluated:
Use data and avoid generalizations. (Describe in 1,000 words or less how you will measure outcomes for and evaluate your project. You must indicate what priority area(s) your project serves and report on outcome measures. A written evaluation needs to be sent to the foundation by July 31st. You may submit the evaluation via email or courier. (Please include any news clippings, school newsletters, and pictures)
I understand that if my matching grant final evaluation is more than 15 business days late (after the July deadline), I will forfeit participation in the grant program and ALL future projects will not be considered.

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