Education Foundation of Gulf County, Inc.

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The Road to Support Education Begins Here

Help fuel more opportunities in public education by purchasing a Florida Education License Plate. Your support goes directly to public schools in your county, funding programs not supported by tax dollars, such as:

  • Extra reading help for students in grades K-3.
  • Mentoring for at-risk students.
  • Classroom innovations for teachers and students.
  • Enrichment in math and science
  • Music programs for special needs children

About License for Learning

When you purchase the Florida Education specialty license plate in your county, you contribute $20* to assist students, schools, and teachers in your school district.  Your donation, included in the purchase price of the Florida Education license plate, stays in your community, benefiting the children in your area schools through your local Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that serves:

Schools: Your local Education Foundation helps your public schools with projects not funded through tax dollars, such as enhanced literacy programs for struggling readers, parent involvement programs and recognition activities for exemplary educators.

Students: Your local Education Foundation provides assistance to students by funding projects targeted at helping the most in-need students. Your Education Foundation awards college scholarships, provide mentors/tutors and helps deserving students with additional academic assistance not provided through traditional school funding.

Teachers: Your local Education Foundation recognizes excellence in education through classroom grants for innovative projects proposed by teachers. It also holds recognition events, such as Teacher of the Year and Golden Apple, honoring the best teachers in your district.

Community Partners

The Education Foundations of Florida created the Florida Education License Plate to provide a positive opportunity for residents to support public education. In order to reach our broad audience of supporters, several corporations and organizations have come together to sponsor opportunities for our license plate.  The Education Foundations of Florida recognize and honor the following marketing partners:

Marketing Partners

  • Bright House Networks
  • Charlotte Sun
  • Citigroup
  • Comcast Communications
  • Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union

Fleet Sponsors

  • Bright House Networks
  • Charlotte County Habitat for Humanity
  • Comcast Communications
  • Earth Balance
  • Fawcett Memorial Hospital
  • Peace River Distributing
  • R & R Industries

How to Buy the Plate

The Florida Education License Plate is available through several in-County locations which you can read at the below link.

Mail the following items to your County Tag Agency or Local Tax Collectors Office:

  1. Copy of your vehicle registration and proof of insurance; or your official registration renewal notice.
  2. Your check.
  3. Education License Plate insert (print this page and cut out the insert).

Price: The cost of registration for a license tag is determined by the weight of the vehicle and can be found on the tag purchasing website or your registration. The additional fee for the Florida Education Specialty License Plate is $20.00, plus a $2.00 processing fee. There may be a one-time tag replacement fee of $10.00 to pay for the actual license tag.