Request a Grant

Only Gulf District School Employees are eligible to apply for a classroom grant from the Education Foundation of Gulf County. Judging is blind. Do not include your name or the name of your school in the proposal or your grant title. PLEASE REVIEW the Frequently Asked Questions BEFORE you submit a grant proposal. The grant cycle is open August 1st-September 15th. Grants received after September 15th will not be considered. Grant decisions will be made in October. Grant Recipients will be notified by email. Thank you for your interest in the Education Foundation of Gulf County Classroom Grant Program.

Please fill out the grant application as completely and accurately as you can. The Education Foundation of Gulf County has long realized that a relatively small investment can transform a good lesson into an excellent learning experience with far reaching impact. Gulf County educators are encouraged to submit grant proposals designed to encourage innovation and build excitement for learning. If you have questions, please contact our Board of Directors.

Review FAQ prior to completing the grant application.

Describe your grant project and learning outcomes as it relates to student achievement. Project Summary should provide a picture of what you hope to accomplish through this grant project. Great teachers are always looking for new ways to expand their instruction and engage their students. Please explain in a short paragraph a brief summary of your project. (Your project will be evaluated by community partners, not educators, so please refrain from using any educational jargon or acronyms.)
What is the potential impact on student learning? What are the learning objectives? What is your base-line data for the targeted students? What measure will you use to determine success? Provide data-based information and show why improvement is needed. You may use pre-tests, iReady, FAIR, FSA, EOC, classroom data, project rubrics, or other appropriate measures. Example-list the number of students who will participate and then your evaluation would include the number who improved as a result, regardless of what your project is.
Write a measurable goal which includes the number of project participants and projected learning outcome. Priority is given to goals that target priority areas: STEM, Literacy, Low Performing Students, CTE-Career Technical Education
(Detail your timeline from project start to completion. Include all pertinent milestones and evaluation.)
Project budget should include a description of each item that will be purchased, cost, quantity, and include an accurate total cost of your grant project. Do not forget to include shipping and handling when applicable. Please review the FAQ for more information about allowable and unallowable expenditures.
Use data and avoid generalizations. (Describe in 1,000 words or less how you will measure outcomes for and evaluate your project. You must indicate what priority area(s) your project serves and report on outcome measures. A written evaluation needs to be sent to the foundation by July 31st. You may submit the evaluation via email or courier. (Please include any news clippings, school newsletters, and pictures)
Please provide your email address so we can contact you regarding the grant review.